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Legislative success is the result of a keen focus on building consensus, professional leadership, and positive political efforts.

Our professional and highly capable government relations team together have over 35 years of lobbying experience.  NCRMA was listed by the Southern Political Report as one of the Top Five Associations for purposes of lobbying in North Carolina.

NCRMA President and General Counsel Andy Ellen has been named one of the five most effective lobbyists in North Carolina by the North Carolina Public Policy Institute for the last three bienniums, as well as a recipient of the 2014 Triangle Business Journal’s Corporate Counsel Award.

Senior Director of Government Relations Elizabeth Robinson is a past president of the Young Lobbyists Association and is the 2017-2018 President of the North Carolina Professional Lobbyists Association.

NCRMA’s Top Ten of the Last Ten Years:

  1. Leading the fight for E-fairness
  2. Repealing the local privilege license tax
  3. Restricting contingency-fee property tax audits
  4. Expanding pharmacies’ ability to administer immunizations
  5. Passing legislation allowing retailers to sell growlers
  6. Passing beer and wine tastings for NC
  7. Granting retailers access to distressed areas during emergencies and natural disasters
  8. Passing tort reform and workers’ comp reform
  9. Tightening laws on organized retail crime
  10. Defeating labor mandates

NCRMA Lobbying Brochure

Contact the NCRMA lobbying team by clicking on a name below.

Andy Ellen

Elizabeth Robinson

The NCRMA lobbying team works to give a voice to the retail industry in North Carolina.

NCRMA members have the exclusive benefit to call on our legislative team at any time – we work on your behalf, meeting directly with state lawmakers and regulators to assist you so that elected officials understand how their actions affect businesses in our state. Whether it is the passage of positive legislation or stopping legislation that could negatively impact your business through taxes, regulations or fees, we are in your corner.

Because so many laws impact the retail industry, NCRMA is keenly interested in myriad state legislative and regulatory actions. For example:

• As business owners, retail merchants are concerned about tax issues such as corporate income, privilege license taxes, unemployment, and sales and use tax.

• Supporting strong laws against organized retail theft and a fair legal climate keeps NCRMA before the Judiciary Committees.

• NCRMA stays attuned to issues impacting pharmacies from product regulations to Medicaid reimbursement.

• As employers, retailers are concerned about employee health and safety issues and legislation that impacts employer-employee relations.

• Efficient delivery of goods (and customers) to our stores makes transportation an important component of a strong retail industry.

• Alcohol, tobacco and food safety issues are also of great interest to the grocery and restaurant industries.

• Store operations issue can be anything from locksmith licensing to plastic bag restrictions and NCRMA stays on top of it all on your behalf.

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