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Lumina Station’s Monkee’s reach still growing

WILMINGTON | When Monkee’s opened in 1995, it was clear the business’ storefront couldn’t contain it for long.
“It was always in the back of my mind to grow it,” founder and managing partner Deirdre Shaw said.
“We want you to have such a great experience with us that you’ll go say, ‘Hey, I need one of these in my town.’?”
Twenty years later, the boutique business now welcomes shoppers to 23 Monkee’s locations in eight states, specializing in designer clothing, shoes and accessories for women. With three more franchises set to open by autumn, the company is being honored for its impact on North Carolina’s economy.
On May 8, Monkee’s was named a Retailer of the Year by the N.C. Retail Merchants Association. The company shared the recognition with Raleigh-based Ray Price Harley-Davidson and national chains Lowes Foods and Walgreens.
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