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North Carolina Lottery Offers Subscription Service

The North Carolina lottery has joined the growing ranks of lotteries offering online ticket sales. As he stood in line to buy lottery tickets David Auther said customers and store employees know him by his lucky pick three numbers. “Hey Warren, what’s my number?” he asked store owner Warren Liles who replied “315.” Auther plays the lottery daily and says he will not be using a computer to purchase his lottery tickets. Auther says he enjoys the “personal attention” he receives at the convenience store and the camaraderie with other players. Auther stated “Online, it’s boring, There’s nothing to it.”

Other lottery players are sure to use the new state lottery website to purchase their tickets. Players can purchase tickets online for three jackpot games; Powerball, Mega Millions and Carolina Cash 5. State lottery officials say the new site is designed to attract new players and will not take business from established lottery retailers. Retailers earn 7% of every ticket sold and say that the lottery attracts customers who make other purchases at the stores. Some retailers are concerned about the effect online ticket sales will have on business.  Read the complete article here.

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