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North Carolina Retail Merchants Association Renews Retail Minded Partnership

Parker, CO December 11, 2015 – The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association and Retail Minded Magazine have renewed their partnership in an effort to better support the independent businesses and retailers within the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association.

Delivered up to eight times a year, the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association will introduce Retail Minded Magazine and other educational resources provided by Retail Minded to their members throughout the year. Each issue of Retail Minded Magazine will be co-branded with the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association logo to further support their efforts in providing their members educational value, while also providing the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association a chance to deliver quality, relevant, industry-specific news and support for their businesses.

Owning your own business can be overwhelming. The NC Retail Merchants Association (NCRMA) has been helping retailers navigate the maze of state and regulatory mandates for over 100 years to help retailers own and operate successful businesses in our state. When Retail Minded Magazine first launched, it was a no brainer to partner to offer independent retailers operating in North Carolina a retail lifestyle magazine as part of their annual dues. We continue to find value in this partnership year after year. Membership in NCRMA ensures that North Carolina independent retailers have the resourcessupport and facts they need to make running their business easier and more profitable,” States Andy Ellen, NCRMA President and General Counsel.

Expanding on this is Retail Minded’s Founder and Publisher Nicole Leinbach Reyhle.

The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association is a long time partner of Retail Minded, and we are thrilled to continue our work with them. They have the same goal as Retail Minded, which is to support merchants with trusted, quality education and resources to help their businesses thrive. We couldn’t be more proud to work with them again in the coming year,” Reyhle shared. 

Sixty percent of the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association’s membership are independent retailers. One hundred and thirteen years ago, the NCRMA was formed to improve the business client for North Carolina retailers. Today they boast more than 25,000 businesses as members across their state.

Retail Minded’s Partner Program was designed to further support associations and other retail focused groups in helping their members gain trusted and valued retail news, education and support. Partners of this program include Illinois Retail Merchants Association, Idaho Retail Association, the Kentucky Retail Federation, Crafter’s Home retail group, Main Street New Jersey, the Wisconsin Jeweler’s Association and many others.

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Article by: Nicole Reyhle
Published: December 11, 2015

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