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Raleigh pharmacy delivers prescriptions to those in need

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— With indoor heat and enough food, most people can handle staying home in winter weather. But for others, the snow and ice can cut a person off from getting important prescription medications.

Friday was a slow day for Doug Whaley and other employees at Person Street Pharmacy, near downtown Raleigh.
The weather kept most customers at home, but Whaley is going to visit them. He takes prescriptions to shut-ins, even on days where the weather is not good.

“During the bad weather, you’ve got some people that just can’t get out, and we want to make sure that they get their medicine if possible,” he said. “They very much depend on it. … Sometimes, I am the only person they see all day long.”

Mary Daeke, 80, lives about 10 minutes away from the pharmacy, in Raleigh’s historic Mordecai neighborhood. She has osteoporosis and broke her leg about three years ago. She needs prescriptions to strengthen her bones.

“I’ve been (doing business) with them ever since I was a child,” Daeke said.

The cost for Friday’s trip to her home was $6.99 plus a tip.

Daeke said, in her condition, she could not live in a better place, especially in severe weather.

“I have good neighbors who always come along and help me,” she said. “I was born in this house, and this has been my neighborhood all my life.”

WRAL’s Dr. Allen Mask recommends that anyone with elderly or disabled neighbors check on them during winter weather to make sure they have everything they need.

Article By: Reporter – Allen Mask, M.D. / Photographer – Rick Armstorng / Web Editor – Natalie McGugan
Published: January 22, 2016

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