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NCRMA Retail Beverage Council: Retail on Tap / Retail UnCorked

In addition to legislation saving North Carolina businesses collecting sales tax over 62 million dollars in 2015 with their 15 year fight to repeal privilege license tax, NCRMA has led wine, beer, and cider legislation for many years.

Join us in Raleigh (August 14) or Charlotte (Rescheduled for September – TBD for an in-depth review of compliance and regulatory issues surrounding marketing, promoting, and advertising beer and wine, worker safety and worker’s comp issues, possible tax or other general business issues, and more from NCRMA:

  • NCRMA wrote the Growler Bill and worked the bill through the Legislature, the ABC Commission and worked on the sanitation rules with the Division of Public Health – 2013
  • NCRMA passed the wine tasting bill – 2001 & 2005
  • NCRMA passed the malt beverage tasting bill – 2009
  • NCRMA assisted in the passage of the wine shop permit
  • NCRMA prevented split case fees from being charged by wholesalers to retailers – 2005
  • NCRMA ensured that beer and wine wholesalers had to continue to service all retailers to whom they distributed alcohol to – 2013
  • NCRMA worked with the ABC Commission to allow Retailers to utilize coupons and wine clubs over the objection of the Religious Right – 2010

NCRMA was named the second most influential association in NC by the Southern Political Review

NCRMA President and General Counsel Andy Ellen has been named one of the five most effective lobbyists in North Carolina by the North Carolina Public Policy Institute for the last three bienniums, as well as a recipient of the 2014 Triangle Business Journal’s Corporate Counsel Award.

Mark your calendar!

Raleigh Training
Monday, August 14, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Trophy Brewing Company – 656 Maywood Ave., Raleigh, NC 27603

Charlotte Training
Birdsong Brewing Co. – 1016 N. Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC 28206

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