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Summer Work for Summer Workers

Listen Up Teens!

Teens, are you looking for a summer job? Need some spending money or saving for a car or college? A job in a retail store can be a great way to earn extra cash, get some discounts on your favorite stuff, and meet new people. Many retail stores look for people to work shifts on weekends and evenings, when business is busiest, which makes a retail job perfect for students and teens looking for a job that fits around their busy schedules.

You can work at a retail store that specializes in particular merchandise, like electronics, books or clothing, or work at one of the larger retailers and department stores that carry a variety of different products. The nice thing is that retail stores are in every corner of every city, town or neighborhood. They offer part-time work to teens and students on a regular basis. Larger retailers will hire hundreds of hourly workers every year.

Depending on trends in consumer buying, most retailers concentrate the majority of their hiring around key shopping seasons, but many companies have year-round staffing needs and those retailers are always on the lookout for fresh faces to greet customers and staff their stores.

Whether you like meeting lots of different people, like to help others find just what they’re looking for, or are simply looking for some good discounts on the things you like and financial independence, a retail job can be great way to spend a few hours of your week making some cash.

Just for Retailers

For small-business owners, according to American Express, there can also be several benefits to hiring teenaged workers, including:

  1. Lower pay, fewer benefits.Since most teens work part-time—and it may be their first job—they may be satisfied with minimum-wage employment that offers them flexible scheduling and the opportunity to learn some skills. The federal government and some states already allow employers topay teens a lower minimum wage, at least for a certain time period. Teens also often don’t need the employee benefits that older workers expect.
  1. Fresh perspective.Many businesses can benefit by hiring Gen Z (“the Internet generation”) employees, who look at the world with a very different perspective than older generations.
  1. Tax credits.Some states offer employers tax credits for hiring young workers. New York, for example, recently expanded eligibility for itstax credit for hiring workers aged 16 to 24.There are also special tax breaks for business owners who employ their own teenaged kids.
  1. Ability to make an impression.Younger workers may be less set in their ways than older workers with more work experience, giving employers greater ability to train and groom them and instill work ethic.

Keep in mind that there are also many federal and state rules about hiring workers under age 18. It’s important to know your state’s rules before hiring a teenager at your business.

Finally, we have also provided you with some information on things to know before you hire teens to work in your store this summer, such as hazardous job details and restricted work hours. Check out this overview.

Enjoy your summer!

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