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“What I’ve seen happen as a member of NCRMA is bigger than which way you vote (on having one voice for the retail industry (both chain and independent). I’ve seen communities become more reliant on each other, supportive of each other’s livelihoods, trying to take care of our families. North Carolina is a great place to be a business owner, and NCRMA is going to keep it that way.”

As a Franchisor headquartered in North Carolina, we consider ourselves lucky to be a part of the NC Retail Merchants Association, one of the strongest Retail Merchant Associations in the country. Being able to tap into the resources that they provide is a privilege that makes our entire organization stronger.

“NCRMA is the expert on NC retail laws. The Association is the driving force behind the passage of positive legislation, and equally important, works hard to stop legislation that could negatively impact retail business operations through taxes, regulations or fees. Often the most difficult part of finding a solution to a problem is knowing where to start or who to call – let NCRMA put its experience to work for you.”

“Our staff works every day to ensure that North Carolina is a great place to operate a retail business. We’re here to listen, to help and to make the voice of retailers heard. I invite you to join NCRMA and support the one group in North Carolina that represents retailers – both large and small.”

“…I really appreciate the opportunity to meet you all as well as your members. Even more so, thank you for all that you do for SnapRetail. We are still a very small company, but we are passionate about retail, and I was able to meet many great people yesterday. I was particularly impressed with everything you are doing for retail in North Carolina. Can we clone you and have you work with other retail groups? You have something very special going on and I am proud to be a part of it, I wish there were more folks like you out there. Your “This Is Retail” campaign was incredibly moving, I loved it!.”

“The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association provides great support to Walmart and helps us better  understand the issues that impact our business. We have found the NCRMA to be a professional and well managed organization that delivers exceptional service to its members. It offers true value to us and all retail in North Carolina.”

“Leadership is the quality that enables diverse people to work together to attain common goals. NCRMA has leadership in abundance. As a member of NCRMA for over 20 years, I can attest to their efficient and effective coordination of legislative strategies that result in repeated success.” 

“NCRMA has been a great resource for Harris Teeter and continues to provide benefit to not only our business but other businesses across the state. The organization’s knowledgeable staff has done well lobbying on behalf of the grocery industry, bringing to our attention and offering insight into important legislation that might affect our business as well as retailers in general. We appreciate and respect their counsel and feel they have done an excellent job connecting lawmakers and other government officials to business executives in North Carolina.”

“The NCRMA provides Family Dollar with many of the legislative resources we use to work proactively with governmental agencies in North Carolina, which helps make Family Dollar a compelling place to shop, work and invest.”

“The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association is all about being the voice for the state’s retail community. Whether you are large, small or an independent retailer, you can always depend on the experienced and trusted integrity of the professional lobbying team and staff of the NCRMA. They often purpose policy changes that benefit our businesses and the customers we serve by monitoring the legislative and regulatory developments for you, when you cannot be there yourself, delivering the results that help reduce expense and increase profits for North Carolinian retailers and consumers.”

“We have been a long time member of the NCRMA. We appreciate the political efforts and updates that apply to us in North Carolina and have used other programs such as the credit card processing.”

“We contacted the retail merchants to see if someone from the Association would speak at a local Pool and Spa Chapter Meeting. I researched you online and saw that a lot of what the Association is doing directly impacts our business operations. It seemed like a good fit. After meeting NCRMA President Andy Ellen, who spoke at the chapter meeting, it reaffirmed that this was a good choice for our business.”

“We are a Merchandising and Buying Group made of independent retailers focused in appliances, furniture and consumer electronics. Being part of NCRMA has been a very rewarding experience; the staff is knowledgable on regulatory, federal and state issues that impact the retail industry and they communicate the ins and outs of these things in a very simple manner.”

“We have been using First Benefits Insurance Mutual, Inc. (FBI) for our workers’ compensation for over 10 years and we couldn’t be more pleased. We renew every year because of FBI’s great customer service, low rates and prompt administration of our injured worker’s claims.”

“At Belk, we recognize that North Carolina is a key state for our growth and profitability. We need to have the most effective representation at the state house. For more than 60 years, we have recognized NCRMA as the solution to our legislative and regulatory issues. I know when I pick up the phone and call NCRMA with a question, I will get an answer and it will be the right one.” 

“I cover multiple states for McDonald’s and it’s important that I receive timely and relevant information that I can circulate throughout my company. NCRMA does that.” 

“NCRMA and its staff are professional, knowledgable and personable. They are our go-to source when we are facing a retail issue. They are problem solvers – you go to them with a problem and they find a solution – it’s that simple. I don’t know where we would be in North Carolina without them.”

“Person Street Pharmacy has been in business since 1910 and still provides local, home deliveries in Raleigh. NCRMA is about bringing independent and chain retailers together for a common good. Nowhere in the country have independent and chain pharmacies worked together like they do in North Carolina. We are the national model and it is because of NCRMA bringing the two groups together.”

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