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The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association (NCRMA) is the go-to source when our members are facing any issue regarding alcohol sales.


April 25, 2019


Today, Representatives Chuck McGrady, Jason Saine, Jon Hardister and Pricey Harrison introduced HB 971 – Modern Licensure Model for Alcohol Control.

NCRMA, along with the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association, have partnered in support of House Bill 971, as a continued effort to modernize the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) system and have issued a joint press release.

The legislation aims to improve the longstanding government management of the sale, storage, and distribution of spiritous liquor in order to implement a more efficient and effective system. NCRMA President and General Counsel Andy Ellen along with NCRLA President and CEO Lynn Minges are working to underscore the bill’s significance and encourage North Carolina residents to take action to help #FreeTheSpirits.

Go now to: to find out more. There, you will also have the opportunity to contact your legislator via email and Twitter to express your support for the bill.

Retailers – if you would like to receive updates on this important legislation, please fill out the information below and we will add you to the email list.


March 29, 2019


Earlier this year, the largest wine wholesaler in North Carolina announced that on June 1, 2019 it would begin implementing a $2.16 split case fee any time a retailer or restaurant orders less than a full case of wine.

This would have had significant negative effects, for all ABC permittees and consumers.

The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association was opposed to this proposed split case fee as we felt it ran afoul of North Carolina law and was punitive to North Carolina retailers that sell wine. NCRMA spent a tremendous amount of time discussing the issue with members of the North Carolina General Assembly and the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. We are happy to report that the wine wholesaler has now decided to not pursue the split case.

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“Being an NCRMA member has provided a great return on my investment. The NCRMA staff has a strong working knowledge on North Carolina’s ABC system and have assisted me with getting answers to numerous questions about what I can and cannot do as an ABC permittee. If you sell beer and wine in North Carolina and are not a member of NCRMA then you are really missing out.” 

–  Joe O’Keefe, Wine and Beer 101

Here are Some of Our Previous Successes:

  • NCRMA wrote the Growler Bill and worked the bill through the Legislature, the ABC Commission, and helped develop the sanitation rules with the Division of Public Health
  • NCRMA worked for the passage of the wine tasting bill
  • NCRMA worked for the passage of the malt beverage tasting bill
  • NCRMA ensured that beer and wine wholesalers had to continue to service all retailers to whom they distributed alcohol
  • NCRMA worked with the ABC Commission to allow retailers to use coupons and wine clubs over the strong objections of the religious right
  • NCRMA worked to include the retail sale of wine/beer and at establishments other than restaurants (taprooms/tasting rooms) in the Brunch Bill (Senate Bill 155) allowing sales to begin at 10:00 am on Sundays rather than noon. *Each municipality and county must pass a local government referendum approving the earlier sale.
  • NCRMA worked to negate the necessity of a separate wine shop permit in some locations. *This change in the law lets a retailer replace their Wine Shop Permit with an On-Premises Unfortified Wine Permit, provided the local government referendum approving the on-premise sale of wine in the jurisdiction does not require the retailer also qualify as a restaurant.
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