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The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association (NCRMA) is the go-to source when our members are facing any issue regarding alcohol sales.



The price you pay for wine is at risk of going up June 1!

The largest wine wholesaler in North Carolina announced that on June 1, 2019 it will begin implementing a $2.16 split case fee any time a retailer or restaurant orders less than a full case of wine.

How will this affect you?

  • The split case fee increases the price of wine for ABC permittees and consumers.
    • You will be charged $2.16 for every different wine you purchase in a quantity less than a full case, e.g., if you order four bottles of three types of wine you will pay the cost of the wine plus $6.48 in split case fees ($2.16 x 3 types of wine).
    • However, if you buy the same wine by the full case, you do not have to pay the split case fee resulting in what we believe is a quantity discount prohibited by North Carolina law.
  • You already pay for the wine at the time of delivery with no terms, and are not allowed to return unsold wine, so the split case further increases your costs.
  • The split case fee reduces the number of wine items that are offered due to limited shelf and storage space.

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“Being an NCRMA member has provided a great return on my investment. The NCRMA staff has a strong working knowledge on North Carolina’s ABC system and have assisted me with getting answers to numerous questions about what I can and cannot do as an ABC permittee. If you sell beer and wine in North Carolina and are not a member of NCRMA then you are really missing out.” 

–  Joe O’Keefe, Wine and Beer 101

Here are Some of Our Previous Successes:

  • NCRMA wrote the Growler Bill and worked the bill through the Legislature, the ABC Commission, and helped develop the sanitation rules with the Division of Public Health
  • NCRMA worked for the passage of the wine tasting bill
  • NCRMA worked for the passage of the malt beverage tasting bill
  • NCRMA ensured that beer and wine wholesalers had to continue to service all retailers to whom they distributed alcohol
  • NCRMA worked with the ABC Commission to allow retailers to use coupons and wine clubs over the strong objections of the religious right
  • NCRMA worked to include the retail sale of wine/beer and at establishments other than restaurants (taprooms/tasting rooms) in the Brunch Bill (Senate Bill 155) allowing sales to begin at 10:00 am on Sundays rather than noon. *Each municipality and county must pass a local government referendum approving the earlier sale.
  • NCRMA worked to negate the necessity of a separate wine shop permit in some locations. *This change in the law lets a retailer replace their Wine Shop Permit with an On-Premises Unfortified Wine Permit, provided the local government referendum approving the on-premise sale of wine in the jurisdiction does not require the retailer also qualify as a restaurant.
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